The Initiation

Would you like to deepen your connection with yourself, your fellow sisters, your gifts, purpose and connect with nature? Have you always felt like there is an integral link missing in your life, but you couldn’t quite make out what that was?

Are you looking for practical yet deeply spiritual tools, that you can utilize every day, nourishing yourself and the world around you?

This four week online course is an initiation and introduction into the ancient mystery ways of the Medicine Woman in a practical way.

We are Modern Women living in modern times and these times call for a unique way of reintroducing ancient practices and tools into our lives.

Reawakening your remembrance of the wisdom and teachings of the Wild Woman Archetype with a Modern Twist.

With both practical and spiritual tools that can we applied to all life’s situations and challenges, this training fills your own personal treasure chest with tools, rituals, ceremonies and practices to live by.

Manifesting a life full of joy, light and magic while becoming embodied, empowered and heart based, which will leave others inspired.

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Mastering the Elements – Air

For the element of Air we are creating space while understanding the correlation between throat chakra and womb space. Moving from suppression and limitation to freedom of expression and sovereign power.

Throughout the ages the feminine has been supressed for speaking her authentic truth.

In this week’s gateway we understand how to support our bodies in redefining the understanding of having a voice, a vessel where we are safe to express ourselves through. Incorporating toning exercises and emotional release exercises will guide us through forming a close relationship with our shadow, unhealed wounds and the voice, empowering the ability to release stagnation and blockages that keep us from being truly free.

Mastering the Elements – Fire

The element of fire teaches us about the power of transformation, creation, motivation and will power. Weaving Tibetan Tantra, Taoist and Indigenous Vitality and Self Sourcing Practices into this week’s teachings to empower us in our innate ability to self-source prana/chi/shakti directly from our Mother Earth. We explore our capability to hold higher states of frequency and light.

Through these exercises, we remember to gift to have our bodies as vessels that can help us create a journey of love. In our guided, yet own sacred self-love and pleasure time exercise, we explore Yoni Steams, Yoni Eggs and Crystals.

Mastering the Elements – Water & Spirit

For the element of water, we dive into our world of emotions. Looking at our ancestral lineage, shadow and inner child work with the support a Master Healing Technique, invoking the Ascended Masters and their Healing Rays.

This powerful healing journey initiates us into reclaiming your power as a healer. Healing self and others through this particular healing art helps us to find balance, peace and full spectrum healing for ourselves and others while exercising your birth right to connect and be supported by the undistorted light of the Ascended Masters and the Angels.

In our own time, we are invited for offer a guided clearing water ceremony to show gratitude and loving kindness for our mother earth and our ancestors.

Mastering the Elements – Earth

The last week of our four week cycle together takes into our womb space. Our womb represents the great void, a universal space of creation and manifestation, the sacred cave of the feminine.

We have learned to hold trauma, tension, pain, wounds of our ancestors, the collective and our own pain in our sacred womb.

In this shamanic group womb clearing and healing, we tune into the greater understanding of what it is that needs to be cleared: Sexual trauma, abuse, suppression of our creative gifts, expression, DNA of past lovers, implants, outdated programs and belief systems to name a few.

From here deep healing and integration is offered through the ascended masters, the golden healing rays of the goddess and divine feminine and Light Code activation from Isis Ma.

I’ve just completed a six week mentorship with the amazing Nicole.
I am completely blown away by all the amazing empowering tools I’ve been given along the way with holding space like a true warrior plus giving me the nourishing support that I needed at this time. I had my intentions when I started of an idea of what I wanted but I can honestly say that I never saw this transformation coming I feel grounded / empowered and ready to take the next step on my ever unfolding adventure. I have so much gratitude and respect for this wonderful modern-day medicine woman. And I highly recommend all my sisters out there that feel called by this lady‘s work. I could not recommend her enough

Kelly R. -UK

The Initiation


Self initiate through this self-led Online Course

4 Modules

4 PDF Files

4 Guided Meditations

Self-led Initiation  $333

Online Course


In a 1:1 Mentorship Container

4 x 1.5hr Sessions (Valued at $1332)

Unlimited Support in between Session (Valued at $600)

4 PDF Files

4 Guided Meditations

BONUS one month FREE access to Modern Medicine Woman Membership
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Guided Initiation  $1333

1:1 Mentorship

The Portals

In this ten week online course, we build on the foundations of the four week “Initiation” course of understanding and working with the elements within and around us.

Deepening the connection to our inner world and expanding our view on interconnectedness.

What does it really mean to utilize the element of Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Spirit?

How can we make use of powerful ancient knowledge and apply it in our everyday practice of being a modern women, a mom, a partner, a friend while running a household, working a 9-5 job or looking after our grandchildren?

In the commencing six weeks, we expand further into the magic and mysteries by examining the sacred gateways of the Medicine Woman: in her Lunar Mysteries, Moon Cycles, The Archetypes of Maiden, Mother, Enchantress and Crown, Sacred Space Invocation, Altar Creation, Planetary Service and LightLove…..

Lunar Magic and The Archetypes – The Maiden

We start off with the second gateway by diving deep into understanding the correlation of the moon phases, our menstrual cycle and the associated Archetype of the Maiden.

Moving into alignment with ancient knowledge and understanding the cycles and seasons of ourselves in correspondence with nature, brings us back into harmony and balance.

Here we examine the traits of the Maiden Archetype, the waxing moon or first quarter and how our menstrual cycle weaves into this.

Since the Maiden is the embodiment of magnetism, you will learn how to incorporate her strengths into this phase of your moon cycle with 12 easy and practical exercises. Sacred Sexuality and Rites of Passage will be an important part of this teaching.

Lunar Magic and the Archetypes – The Mother

During session 6 of this portal, we experience the Mother Archetype: her traits, the spirit of the womb and the full moon phase.

We will travel through time and space, connecting back to ancient goddesses and Deities, understanding her cosmic personality as the creatress and life giver.

We journey deep into the earth’s womb to let this archetype express herself freely and inspirationally.

Again, we discover easy and tangible steps to support ourselves during the Mother Archetypal phase in our moon cycle.

Lunar Magic and the Archetypes – Wild Woman

Exploring this Archetype means freeing the Wild Woman, the Free Spirit. As this part of the cycle is also associated with the darker and more destructive sides of our psyches, we get very comfortable with working the shadow.

We find a new perspective for widely accepted pre- menstrual symptoms and syndromes and why they have been on the rise with the suppression of the feminine.

What does is truly mean to fully embrace the Wild Woman within is and how can we support ourselves during this phase of our moon cycle? Again practical exercises and prompts are given.

Lunar Magic and the Archetypes – The Crone or Wise Woman

As we reach the final Archetype, we have come to meet many stunning expressions of the feminine and her phases and faces.

Entering the waning and dark moon phase of the month, we gain access to the void of       the womb.

We examine potent subjects like the loss of external beauty, fertility, aging and activity.

The Wise Woman Phase representing the time we bleed, we speak about conscious menstruation, blood mysteries, honouring our womb as our sacred temple and welcoming the Red Tent and it’s customs like storytelling, healing arts, meditation, sacred crafts, divination, manifestation, sacred ceremony, yoni steaming, blood magic, yoni egg, channelling…

Sacred Space Invocation

We start this last gateway with clearing, opening and closing the Medicine Circle; learning about Altar Creation and how to work our magic with a Medicine Bag.

These specific practices and rituals are powerful tools to be used in all area of life, instilling a sense of purpose, passion and reciprocity.

They are vital when used for invoking and holding sacred space, casting a Medicine Circle for protection and guidance.

Having the confidence to create your unique altar space and filling your medicine bag with specific objects that will accompany you throughout your days have been powerful ways to walk with spirit and living a life in accordance to the rhythms of nature.

Planetary Service

Planetary Service and Devotional Practice are a much needed modality and ritual in today’s times. We will get in touch with direct energies of unconditional love, healing and illumination using ancient knowledge of the mystery schools.

We learn the true meaning of being a light lover (fka lightworker) and what is most important to practise at this great time of change and awakening.

You will earn how to activate blue ray codes of protection, release and clear the three most disruptive and interfering energies in your field and learn the Shamanic Hack of Entity/Sketcher Removal, a potent tool to release misguided energies from other dimensions and realities that are creating discord and creating havoc for humanity.

The Portals


Self-led Online Course

10 Modules

10 PDF Files

10 Guided Meditation

Cost $777


1:1 Mentorship Container

10 x 1.5 hr Sessions (Value $3333)

Unlimited Support between Sessions (Value $1500)

10 PDF Files

10 Guided Meditations

Bonus 2 Months Free Access to the Modern Medicine Woman Membership (Value $64)

Cost $ 3333


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