The Abundance Codes

September 18th, 4pm Bali Time; 10am CET

How do you feel about stepping into full Abundance?

♥️ Abundance of Health

♥️ Abundance of Love

♥️ Abundance of Wealth

♥️ Abundance of Joy and Play

♥️ Abundance of Soul Tribe

If Abundance hasn’t been modeled to us at a young age and we have been shown lack, fear, scarcity and worry about all matters ABUNDANCE, it can be such an abstract thing.

We perceive it in others and feel it being an unattainable goal to reach, when in fact all we have to remember is that we are infinitely abundant beings.

In order to do that, we are invited to peel away the layers of false programs through our upbringing, parents, peers, society or even carried on from other timelines and life times.

Can we have it all?


This is your gateway to the possibility to activate your unlimited potential and live from a true place of soul alignment, sharing your light, your purpose and being the powerful creator being that you came here to be.

As human beings, we didn’t come here to work hard, just surviving from one paycheck to another and struggling to stay motivated in our daily tasks and empowerment.

We came here to activate and live our uniqueness out loud, find our passion and inspire others to do the same.

Can we get up every morning lit up and excited to be of service while living in our passion?

YES, YES and YES!!!

I have been called to open this gateway to help you activate your inner willpower, strength and soul aligned power, so that you can live from your highest expression of your Multidimensional Self, removed from the noise and imprinting of the Matrix and aligned with your higher purpose: vital, happy, joyous and powered by unconditional love.

In this 8-Week Group Mentorship Program, we create an invaluable sacred space, where we can support, learn and align together

What you will take away from this potent container:

♥️ 8 x 120 min Group Mentorship sessions via zoom

♥️ 1 x One to One Session with me (45 min)

♥️ In between Session tools and at home activations

♥️ Unlimited Group and Personal Support during these

♥️ 8 weeks via WA and our fb group

♥️ 1 x Catch – up Group session after one month of completion

Week One : Shifting the Trajectory

We start our journey by mapping where we are at and where we wish to be headed:

In our relationship with love, life, joy, health, money and more...

We examine the power of our thoughts, mindset and conditioning and learn highly advanced tools to instantly shift the narrative and outcome of our manifestations through Spirit hacking, Re-programming and ancient Shamanic tools that help us build our willpower and awareness.In our group container we work together on re-writing our storylines
This week you'll be introduced to the Element of Fire and your home activation will invoke the art of divination and fire scrying.

Week Two: Inner Masculine

In week-Two, we break through old patterns of programming of the Inner Masculine through breathwork and rebirthing.

We learn about the deeper layers of separation and indoctrinated false information through generational patterns and ancestral imprints.Liberating blocks and emotional trauma that held us captive in utilizing this powerful modality in a gentle yet transformational way to fully come into power.

Our masculine (mind, strengths, focus, logic, structure...)wishes to be acknowledged and utilized for his strength.

This week you'll be introduced to the Element of Air and your home activation will invoke the power of working with the element of Air.

Week Three: Inner Feminine

Week-Three brings us to the gateway of our Inner Feminine.
We embark on a group dream journey, an ancient shamanic tool to retrieve vital information and tap into the greater field of intelligence of source energy.

Connecting to the Divine Mother Energy and Greater Wisdom of the Ancients, we dive deep into activation our inner energy portals and energetic access gateways.

This week you 'll be introduced to the Element of Earth and your at home ritual will involve an ancient ritual of honoring, healing and activating your Inner Feminine in her full glory of expression.

Week Four: Divine Child

In week -Four, we dive into the realm of our divine child, our god/goddess Self.

Guided Meditation, mirror work, timeline/past life and soul retrieval work, you'll remember to empower and give voice to the unheard inner dialogues and voices that we learned to suppress in early childhood.

We upgrade through an ancient tribal practice and activation, invoke the elemental spirit realm to help us shift the old and outdated into the new and elevated.

We remember how to see through the lens of our divine inner child and how to retrieve messages from our guides and team of light.

This week, you'll be introduced to an at home ritual on how to join and merge in unconditional love with your inner divine child and god self.

You'll also be introduced to the Element of Water and your home activation will invoke the art of divination and water scrying.

Week Five: Multidimensional Self

Week-Five takes us into the vast space of our multidimensional self.

Here we activate sacred gridlines for alignment, protection and optimal source connection.

We learn hacks about matrix coding and how we can access our Multidimensional Self beyond the constructs of the Matrix System and with it tap into our infinitive potentiality, clearer connection to our guides and authentic self.

We learn how to move from our world of duality and labels into a space on non-duality that supports our journey and path into abundance embodiment further.

You'll be introduced to the Element of Spirit and your home ritual will include sacred space invocation and grid alignment in your home/office.

Week Six: The Shadow Self

This week is about liberation and freedom from all limiting and outlived belief systems, programs and adopted or inherited narratives that are blocking or clouding our perspective of an abundant life.

We work in close contact with the spirit realm and ancestral imprints.
You'll learn how to Shadow Dance and bring gratitude and greater understanding to the Shadow as in old friend and confidant, but also liberator and great mastermind.

After this week, you'll also gain a greater understanding of the importance of working with the ancestors and spirit realms and the role they play in the relationship we hold we ourselves and the way we feel about being alive and how we show up in the world.

You'll be introduced to an at home ceremony and ritual of forgiveness and non-judgement by building an altar for our ancestors.

Week Seven: The Ego

In week seven, we make friends with the Ego.
The Ego has gotten such a bad rep and we have truly not utilized its qualities and how to utilize its Power.

We have in fact made it our enemy instead of leaning into the possibilities it provides for our growth, if used correctly.

This week we learn about the narratives the ego has stored from your subconscious self and how it keeps you in cycle of repetition, pain and unresolved childhood wounding.

Once we understand this and lean into the fact that the Ego's primary job is to keep you safe, you will be able to rewrite the narrative to be more supportive and conducive to your growth and receiving full Abundance.

This week is all about Ego Interrogation!

Week Eight : The Ostracized One

Our last Week together opens up to the Aspect within you, that feels unworthy, unloved, invisible, alone, different.

This aspect often holds great imprints that hinder us to live and breathe Abundance. Living a personal lie, the Ostracized One spins the story as needed to stay in a cycle of lack, scarcity and fear to receive.

We love on this aspect through alchemizing from the inside out.
Rewriting the story through an emotional release tool, that both supports the healing of the nervous system and the reprogramming of the neural pathways to open up to receptivity and trust.

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