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The ever growing Wokeshop Library is here for your Empowerment, your Remembrance and Activation. You will find valuable tools for your spiritual and shamanic toolbox, Guided Meditations and Healings to support and guide you on your path of Healing and Growth

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The Abundance Codes Group Mentorship

September 18th, 4pm Bali Time; 10am CET

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For you, who are truly ready to step into your divine calling and follow your path of freedom and sovereignty, I have put together an incredible offer of joining me in 1:1 mentoring sessions.

Our time together is designed to move through anything that is no longer aligned with who you are, may it be outdated belief structures and limiting thought forms, karmic contracts and imprints or ancestral lineage work that benefits the 7 generations that have come before you and after you.

Together, we look how you wish to design your reality in unison with the flow of consciousness and light, that flows though all of us. Through multidimensional teachings, inner child work, energy work and practical tools, we navigate that which wishes to shift and evolve.

I am calling you, Modern Medicine Woman: to receive this opportunity to have me by your side, while creating and realising your divine mission.

Who are you really and why have you come? What is your mission?

1:1 Mentoring with me includes 

6 x 1 hr calls or in person sessions and email / messenger support which will be available to you at no extra cost

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