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I grew up looking for answers, for true and meaningful connection of Sisters and Elders. 

I have always been sensitive, empathic and often scolded for it. It seemed like society didn’t have space for me somehow. 

I felt alone and misunderstood and made myself a promise to change this for me and other women.

With my million questions, I went on a quest learning as much as possible about the mystery of life, the universe, alchemy, shamanic practices, energy healing, feminine empowerment and embodiment, ascension and any and all practices that would quench my thirst to find what I was looking for.

I learned from shamans, elders of indigenous tribes, mentors, masters, teachers until I found myself after three near death experiences that changed me forever.

I knew that the time had come to share and to create a sacred space for you dear Sister to find your answers.

And so,  Modern Medicine Woman was born with the intent to bring Sisters all over the world together in community. This is why I created The Modern Medicine Woman  Membership!

Welcome home Sister, I am so happy to have you in the space

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Nicole has a unique gift to bring sisters of all walks of life and corners of the world together in a setting that is both safe and warm, yet transformative and life changing. I have met her through her online Wokeshops and have since attended several of her offerings. What stands out for me is that she is so passionate and committed in bridging the gap of the divide.

It has been such a pleasure to be connected and to be healing the Sisterhood wound.

I highly recommend this beautiful lady with all my heart. She has truly impacted me in the most inspiring way. Thank you Nicole

S. Tilbot UK

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