We didn’t come here by default

Or just through coincidence

We didn’t come to just live and die

Or randomly pass through this timeline

We did come as Dreamers, Storytellers, Change makers, Eye Openers, Initiators, Guardians of Earth, Sacred Space Holders, Messangers, Wisdom keepers, Agents of Light, Star Beings on a Mission, Medicine Woman and Men, Angels on Earth, Gate Keepers, Pillars of Light..

We did come to create change and with that magic

We came to seed light and reactivate ancient codes of light to help humanity remember

We came to have fun and fuel change and awakening through our vibrational field that is contagious

We came to shift outdated programs, that have had their air time

We came to usher in a New Earth Timeline

Yes YOU!!! You didn’t just fall into this incarnation through the wheel of Samsara.

If you are reading this, you have come because you are needed and you have in fact chosen this life, this auspicious opportunity of co-creation to be of service to the evolution of our kind.

Rewriting and manifesting light on our Mama Pi (formerly known as Gaia).

Thank you for being!

Thank you for bringing your very unique codes of Light into creation

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