“Empowering you to embody your divine purpose"

“Empowering you to embody your divine purpose"



Modern Medicine Women Training was birthed from being deeply passionate about celebrating and supporting Women on their journey back into their intuitive state: unifying body, mind and spirit.

Growing up in a world, where I didn’t feel I fit in and having searched far and wide for guidance, it became clear to me that there had to be another way. As I awakened to the wisdom from within in my late twenties, and started to walk the path as an initiate to the Native American and Celtic Shamanic Wisdom Traditions, working with elders I knew in my heart that one day I was to share these timeless teachings.
Combining hands-on and practical tools customized for a Modern Woman living in today’s times, I am eagerly passing on, what has kept me inspired, grounded and empowered for the past 15 years.

Knowing that walking this path inspires heart centred action in service to our Mother Earth and all sentient life. A path that consequently supports to birth your divine purpose, it truly is a path of magic, wonder and inspiration.


Modern Medicine Woman - The Initiation

A four week online course that sets the foundation for the Modern Medicine Woman. We explore the five elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit and the correlation of how these are represented within us.
We move through embodiment, energetic self-sourcing and voice liberation practices, teachings about self healing and an in depth womb clearing.

Modern Medicine Woman - The Portals

In addition to what is explored in The Initiation, this twelve week course further builds and encompasses the teachings of the Archetypes of the Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman and Crown and their connection to the appropriate lunar cycles.
Sacred Space invocation and holding, planetary service and the basic multidimensional and universal teachings about light work are also shared in this course.

Master Healer Certification Course

This six week course is designed to teach you and attune you into the many facets of the multidimensional healing arts.
You will be learning how to facilitate soul fragment retrievals, Akashic Record Readings, DNA activations and performing psychic surgery, entity or implant removal as well as the art of sacred space holding.
This certification course requires the attunement and completion of Reiki 1 &2.

Rising Together

The Modern Medicine Woman Platform and Trainings is a gateway for women to be held in sacred and safe space. Sharing a container in a group of inspiring sisters from around the world, who often turn into soul family within the course of the training.

You will be paired up with a fellow sister for the duration of the course, which truly enhances the experience of having a mirroring ally and someone to share with in a more intimate setting.
You will be an integral part of our weekly sacred circle, sharing and exploring the weekly topic, you will also be experiencing guided meditations and going through powerful processes with your sisters as a group.

The weekly material is divided into video teachings, guided mediations and PDF files that further enhance your understanding of the topic.
You will also be part of a private and closed online sharing space, which is created for the purpose of having a continuous container for you to share, connect and stay in touch with well past our course is finished.

Work With Me

If you are hearing the call to fully step up and into your role as a Modern Medicine Woman and are ready to clear, align and embody all aspects of her or those who wish to look deeper into outdated belief systems, karmic contracts or ancestral imprints, I offer customized mentorship programs and 1:1 sessions, tailor made for your needs.

In our time together, we explore anything that is no longer aligned: from bridging knowledge and tools from other lifetimes, in-depth shamanic, astral and emotional clearing sessions to help anchor in the foundation of your embodiment further, to activating dormant DNA strands and retrieving fragmented soul parts for healing and re-integration.

I combine knowledge, teachings and processes from both the western and eastern world.
Weaving pragmatic tools such as cognitive counseling skills or trauma release with the highly spiritual and energy medicines to serve your highest potential and help you to birth your divine blueprint for this lifetime.


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