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Becoming a Modern Medicine Woman Free Online Course

Hi, I am Nicole and I have created this free Course

“Becoming a Modern Medicine Woman” for your Empowerment.

This Course is sectioned into three parts.

Becoming a Modern Medicine Woman Part 1

You’ll take away:

  • Who are the Modern Medicine Woman?
  • What do they embody?
  • Where do they come from?
  • Are you one of them?

Becoming a Modern Medicine Woman Part 2

You’ll take away:

  • Why we have become disconnected from ourselves and this ancient wisdom that lives within us..
  • How we can heal this disconnect and discord…
  • What it is that is still alive within..
  • How can we remember and peel back the layers of fear and amnesia?

Becoming a Modern Medicine Woman Part 3

You’ll take away:

  • The possibilities of Remembering Modern Medicine Woman
  • How that can look like individually
  • A glimpse into the Blood Wisdom of Modern Medicine Woman
  • Feminine Shamanism at a glance

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