You are STARGATE – Multidimensional Alignment & Activation

I hope you are ready to be completely mind blown of what you are actually capable of?

Are you ready to fully align with your multidimensional Self and question all limitations to fully step into your full potential?

Activating grid lines within and outside of the Matrix System to live from a place of source/spirit alignment?

Have you wondered why it is difficult for you to fully become self reliant on your own energetic field, sovereign and grounded in your truth and sovereignty?

Many of us are still hooked into the Matrix one way or another and we have been trained well and hoodwinked to believe that we have free will.

Many of us have been reaching crossroads, feeling that something is off, that we are being targeted now and that we are maybe not as free as we thought we were

I have been diligently training with my teacher and am ready to bring this vital and important information to you.

In this Alignment & Activation you’ll remember:

▲ How to hack the Codes of the Matrix to access your Multidimensional Self
▲ What is actually meant by : As Above, so Below!
▲ Alignment to your Multidimensional Self (Higher Self is so last decade)
▲ Remember your infinite potential and creator Self through SPIRIT HACKING
▲ Activation and grid alignment within you, your home, sacred space, that that you can live and play from your multidimensional (outside of the Matrix) Self
▲Understanding your energy entry portals and their blocks/ limitations that hinder you from fully allowing access to unconditional love, unlimited life force energy and source codes
▲ Using Shamanic tools and hacks to reveal the true nature of our thoughts, beliefs and mindsets…

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