Voice Activation & Liberation

Women have been suppressed to speak their truth for centuries

Disconnected and disempowered in claiming and grounding into their authenticity, the shame and guilt has been passed down for generations and lineages

With the voice/womb connection severed, women lost confidence in their inner knowing, intuition, womb wisdom and sovereignty

The time has come to reclaim the power of the voice & womb

When we remember to utilize our voice as our personal healing instrument, we reclaim our power as women and heal these ancient wounds

In this Wokeshop you will:

🌹 Be guided into Sacred Space that is energetically protected

🌹 Gain understanding about the Voice/Womb Connection

🌹 Go through a Chakra Toning Practice that supports the clearing, recalibration and balancing of your Chakras and Energy Centres

🌹 Experience an ancient Ancestral Toning Exercise that releases and clears unhealed trauma from your lineage and supports generational healing for the 7 Generations that have come before and after you

🌹 Travel through a Visionary Meditation Journey, connection with your Inner Child

🌹 Be able to release stuck and misaligned energy your throat and womb that have been holding you back to speak your truth, connect deeply to your own voice and power

🌹 Undergo an integration and relaxation time to support deep healing for your whole being, embodying and thriving from the experience

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Course Includes

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