The Universal Laws & The Inner Alchemy

In this Wokeshop, we explore the universal Laws and The Inner Alchemy for embodiment.

Most of us long for a manual, a script or at least some supportive idea, that leads us through this life.

The Universal Laws are a powerful and useful guidance system to help us do that.

We begin with understanding the ruling law, the Universal Law of One.

From there we exploring the Practices of the Law of One such as:

💎 Unity Consciousness

💎 Love Yourself

💎 Love Others

💎 Love of the Earth

💎 Service to Others

💎 Consciousness Expansion

💎 Responsible Co-Creation

With each of these practices, we dive into mindfulness practices, journaling prompts and meditations that support each embodiment.

Please have pen and paper ready for this Wokeshop 🙏🏼

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