The Lost Codes of Isis Activation

𓂀 Have been drawn to Goddess Isis?

𓂀 The Gateway of Sirius B and the Starsystem of the Ancient Blue Rays?

𓂀 Have you been asking yourself why you feel drawn to her energy and codes?

𓂀 Is the Roselineage calling you?

𓂀 Are you looking to deepen your knowledge around self mastery, self responsibility and service to humanity?

𓂀 Are you drawn to the Ankh, ancient Egypt and the Mystery Schools?

𓉢 In this Activation and Transmission we meet Goddess Isis Ma, the Sirian Blue Ray Avatar through the gateway of our breath and heart

𓉢 She teaches us how to remain self empowered through a space of observation, non judgement and mastering non duality in times of ascension

𓉢 Through her forgotten Sapphire Codes, she reveals the pathway to inner peace and harmony

𓉢 You will receive an Activation and Transmission to bring forgiveness and unconditional love into all areas of life

𓉢 She invokes in us the Rites of Self Illumination

𓉢 Together we will move through a prayer portal to support to rising of the Golden Ankh Frequency

Allow 1.5 hrs including integration time for this event

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