The Empowerment Codes – Your Signature Frequency

When we think about empowerment, we think about inner strength, joy, power, unapologetically standing in our truth and living our life according to our very own ideas about who we are and how we show up in the world.

💥But how do we connect into that centre of power and connection within?
💥How do we know that we are following the right path of purpose?
💥How do we move away from the people, places and things that don’t serve us and keep us from being truly ourselves?
💥How do we activate our empowerment from a place of authenticity and sovereignty instead of coming from a place of lack, scarcity or anxiety (survival mechanism anyone)?

We all carry our very own unique frequency that vibrates in accordance to our field of genius and serves as a direct indicator of our highest truth.
Each and every one of us here on the earth plane has the innately imbedded codes of empowerment to fulfill and live that mission of our heart.
When we ignore, distract from, resent or walk away from our own soul signature frequency and our true self, we not only pull ourselves off our path, but we often end up being miserable and disconnected from life itself.

In this 2.5 hr workshop and alignment activation, we take a much closer look at what it takes for us to truly understand the frequency, self knowledge, celebration and vibration of empowerment.

🔥 We explore our inner dialogue: Who am I and what did I come here to do? What lights me up?
🔥We examine the relationship of our empowerment and our community and tribe
🔥 We take a look at our adopted outdated belief systems and conditioning that keep us separate from our highest truth of who we are
🔥 We dive into what keeps us separate from our own empowerment and why
🔥 We understand the dynamics of how it feels to be empowered in our own unique signature frequency
🔥 We go through a visual guided journey of uncreating the old in order to usher in the new and reprogramming ourselves in a practical way that works.

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