The Abundance Codes – Activating Magnetism & Receptivity

We want to be healthy, happy, living our purpose with being successful at it and abundantly rewarded while enjoying amazing relationships and friendships.
But ….can we have it all?

When we think about Abundance, we think about the good Gods smiling down upon us and bestowing good fortune unto all areas of our lives, right?!

We call in, hold rituals, dance and sing about it and despite all good intentions, it just doesn’t align?

And so, we begin to understand that there must be something holding us back.
We start doing the inner work, revealing the shadow and playing with different modalities to shake and shift this inconvenient mindset.

Back to the question of: Can we have it all?

Yes we can!!

I am living and breathing proof. Living life in tropical and magical Bali with my beloved of 20 years, my two children, doing what I absolutely adore and what lights me up every day while continuously magnetizing a 5
Five Figure monthly income.

Not too long ago, I thought that being a healer and facilitator meant, that I had to work in service and can’t really charge for what I do.
Life has changed drastically and with tools, the necessary shifts and understanding, I completely changed into what I call A life well lived!

In this 2.5 hr workshop and alignment activation, we take a much closer look at what it takes for us to truly understand the frequency, self knowledge, celebration and vibration of receptivity.

🔥 We explore what I call “The Evolutionary Mindset”, which provides the foundation to this shift we seek
🔥 We take a look at our adopted outdated belief systems and conditioning that keep us separate from our dreams
🔥 We dive into Magnetism and how that works in the Real World
🔥 We understand what “Receptivity” and the ability to receive unconditionally really means
🔥 We go through a visual guided journey of uncreating the old in order to usher in the new and reprogramming ourselves in a practical way that works.

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