Shamanic Womb Healing & Clearing

Our womb represents the great void, a universal space of creation and manifestation.
It is time to reclaim the sanctity and holiness of her.
The great sacred cave of the feminine.
In ancient civilisations women were revered for their womb and moon blood.
Through time, we as women have lost touch with the innate wisdom of our womb.
We have forgotten that, we as creator beings hold great power within us.

We have learned to hold trauma, tension, pain, wounds of our ancestors, the collective and our own pain in our sacred womb and without clearing and healing these can cause a lot of havoc.

Pre-Menstrual conditions, cancer, fibroids, cysts, painful Menstruation, hormonal imbalances, infertility are all signs that we have fallen out of balance with the cycles and seasons of our Earth Mother.

In a womb clearing, we tune into the greater understanding of what is is that needs to be cleared: Sexual trauma, abuse, suppression of our creative gifts, expression, DNA of past lovers, implants, outdated programs and belief systems to name a few.

Together we journey in a sacred and safe dream space to a very specific and holy Healing Space. In a meditative and visual dream journey, you will be guided to meet and receive the support of your council of light and in particular your medicine woman.

It is deeply nourishing, relaxing yet profoundly deeply and transformative process.

Please note that you do not need to have a physical womb to receive this session.

Celibacy is recommended for at least one month after this session.

To open to honor the great mysteries of our womb, is to open to the primordial redemption of consciousness, experienced through the shamanic return to the great cosmic room.

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