Shamanic Navigation & Activation Wokeshop

🔥Were you ever curious about opening doorways to catch a glimpse and communicate with your future self?

🔥Travel to other worlds to retrieve information, insight and new energy?

🔥Deciphering number and light codes about yourself and other people?

🔥Retrieving and reading messages from Spirit?

In this 2.5 hr Wokeshop, you will learn how to walk between worlds in order to receive and gather information that is available to all of us, but has been revealed only in a very limited way and to only a limited number of people.

We call it SHAMANIC Navigation!

Expanding our subtle energetic energy field and with it the ability to plug into a vast field of information is vital to us for the purpose of expansion, growth and evolution.

Join us as we learn, remember and travel to these potent places together

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  • 1 Module