Removing and Breaking Hexes and Spells

🔥Do you feel like some parts of your life, like your creativity or motivation are blocked?

🔥Some things are just not flowing and there seems to be steaks of “bad luck” or “bad karma” playing out?

🔥You can’t seem to figure out what is going on and have tried pretty much everything to solve this yourself?

👉You might be dealing with a hex, curse or spell
👉You might have placed evil eyes upon you

💥This WOKESHOP is for you if you would like to learn how to break and remove hexes and spells yourself without having to rely on someone else

💥You would like to empower yourself to take it to the next level: taking responsibility for taking your power back

💥Building confidence and awareness to know when something just feels off

In this sacred and protected space, I will guide you through many different ways to break and remove hexes and spells placed upon by either yourself or someone else.
You will learn how to ground and protect your sacred space, have excellent spiritual boundaries and how to clear your space in just 5 minutes as a daily practice.
This will allow you to become more aware and confident and build your intuition, recognizing the subtle energetics around and within you more and more.

Please have pen and paper ready for your wokeshop!

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