Money Magic – Allowing Alignment & Flow in all Currencies

Do you believe that you have the ability to create abundance and as much money as you wish?

Are you ready to truly embrace a life of joy, flow and ease with the help of letting money flow and go easily, creating a reciprocal relationship?

Can you see yourself using currency as a way to help, to be of service to Humanity and to unappologetically release and shame and guilt around this subject?

Have you been trying to find a way to shift your story around money and abundance, but you have been feeling stuck?

In this online WOKESHOP, we uncover and examine your relationship with all things currency

💰What is your relationship to Money?
💰How is Money showing up in your life?
💰Are you flowing in abundance and appreciation to money and all currencies?
💰We dive deep into your relationship around money, including the spiritual side which we often find distortions and labels around
💰We rewrite any old and outdated belief systems that are holding you back
💰We up level to your full potential all things money, currency and abundance
💰Through the love of our shadow, ego and conditioned imprints, we discover valuable and transformational information that will allow us to change   trajectory and come in alignment with money
💰Invocation and Activation to support this process even further

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  • 1 Module