Freedom Business : Codes for SoulPreneurs

This Wokeshop is for you if you are a Soul and Heart led Entrepreneur.

You are have already mastered the first milestones of choosing you and your freedom over a 9-5 existence.

I am excited to share the Three Multidimensional Foundational Codes, that supported my journey in leading with grace and trust and moving from zero to six figures in 18 months.

In this Wokeshop we will:

👉🏼 Cover the fundamental steps of exploring and working through your unique signature frequency

👉🏼 Masculine & Feminine Energetics within you and in your business

👉🏼 The Aspects that rule your Business

👉🏼 Honoring and Trusting your Sacred Boundaries “As Within, so Without”

👉🏼 Practices that support your journey into embracing Freedom and Harmony in your Soul Led Biz

Course Content

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Course Includes

  • 1 Module