Feminine Leadership for a New Earth

You are heart-based entrepreneur, coach, mentor, teacher, New Earth Embodiment Lover, Healer, Artist…

You know that the old ways of leadership are over, but you aren’t sure how to close the gap and bridge the new with the old

You can feel that our New Earth needs New Leaders, authentic and heart-based leaders that are rooted in Sovereignty and grounded inspired action

You have experienced enough of the patriarchal and distorted masculine rulership and are less interested in doing and more interested in exploring your magnetic and pulsating nature of leadership

In this Wokeshop:

💎We explore your originating relationship with the Masculine Leadership Model

💎We journey through an inner child discovery journey, meditating on an understanding where your limiting belief systems are rooted

💎We invoke and speak out a new narrative for you to follow and embody

💎We journal shifting outdated belief systems and narratives into new and aligned narratives

💎We get to know the inner masculine and feminine within you, how they work and team up with each other, their beliefs, challenges, gifts, and unique traits

You’ll take away a deeper understanding of how you have been functioning in the world and how you are being called to embrace your full potential and highest timeline as a feminine principle led leader

You will be able to heal outdated stories about productivity and doing vs. being

You will be able to embrace a new way of owning and honoring your creativity, creational force, and freedom of expression

You will have a clear understanding of the old storylines that have been keeping you trapped in the busy masculine and will be able to see through to the other side and into your essence

Please have pen & paper ready

I have created this Wokeshop in a way that you can pause the playback at any time

Please take time to integrate the journey

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