Creating Inner Peace & Harmony

This Wokeshop is for you if you are interested in creating a fulfilling and harmonious life, that is full of connection to yourself, your community, your purpose, your passions, nature and your spirit.

In this Wokeshop we dive into the vastly rewarding and healing world of our Inner Aspects.

Our Inner Aspects make up the different angles and layers of our humanity.

By working with our Inner Aspects, we begin to have access to the spaces of our subconscious that holds keys to creating Inner Peace, Harmony, Joy, Fulfillment, Happiness.

In this Wokeshop, you will be guided to meet:

⭐️ Your Inner Masculine

⭐️ Your Inner Feminine

⭐️ Your Inner Child

⭐️ Your Inner Fetus

⭐️ Your Inner Alienated One

⭐️ Your Higher Self

By first gaining deeper understanding, compassion and insight to your Inner Aspects and with that your Inner Landscape, you will be given a powerful toolbox that supports you to find Inner Peace and Harmony in your Reality.

Course Content

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Course Includes

  • 1 Module