Codes of Magdalene & Sacred Sexual Alchemy

April 18th- May 23rd (6 weeks)

The “Magdalenes” have been reawakened and are answering the call to bring specific codes to humanity and the raising of consciousness at this specific time.

If you are reading this, You are one of these brave and courageous women!

Codes of Magdalene is a dive into the Mystery School Teachings of ancient Israel and Egypt, the Life, Teachings, Transmissions and Revelations of Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene was a powerful initiate of the Isis Mystery Schools in Mesopotamia and Egypt.

As sacred and ancient wisdom passed down for eons, she carried the specific codes of light that assisted and supported Yeshua’s rising and liberation.

I am honored to share with you this sacred portal of Initiation, Transmission, Deep Healing and Remembrance.

In our 6-Week Sacred Container, we will connect and receive these ancient blessed of illuminating light, wisdom and transmutation that will guide us into the Mysteries, the Magic and Alchemy of Self Initiation into the Sacred Sexual Practices of Mary Magdalene as taught through the Priestesses of Isis.

Igniting codes of remembrance, igniting the flame of truth and sacred power within us, which can ultimately be utilized in holding high levels of light intelligence for healing, transmutation, manifestation, creation and alchemy.

Week One

Our first week together consists of acknowledging the remembrance and unique transmissions that Mary Magdalene holds in our individual lives.

You will be guided into a self initiatory activation process with her, her frequencies and transmissions that will make it clear on how you are contributing to the rising and support of the Grail and Rose Frequencies on our planet and beyond. You will open to the light intelligence that will be an instrumental gateway for this remembrance of past lives, initiations and specific teachings.

Week Two

We are now diving into a multidimensional space of clearing the sacred chakra and with it any memories of shame and guilt, that are are holding us captive and block us from fully stepping into the power and love of becoming and harnessing our energy as a vessel of divine and sacred sexual energy.

As a sacred spaceholder and light bearer we are being guided and sealed in this process of clearing and healing our sacral first. You will need a smooth pyrite, organite, shungite crystal and rose oil.

Week Three

This week's sacred space is dedicated to an Ancient Priestess Initiation Ritual. Crossing the threshold from mundane to sacred life is marked by a ritual and initiation. In this beginning phase of this path, we self initiate and you will be thoroughly guided through this process.

You will need:

1. A white or red scarf
2. A candle
3. Two glasses
4. Water, preferably taken from a natural source like a stream or river
5. Flowers

Week Four

Opening this week's portal to ancient initiatory rites of the priestesses of Isis.

We understand the relationship of our KA (light) body to all things and how to clear, strengthen and activate it, in order for us to strengthen and embody a powerful magnetic field.

We learn different techniques and will enhance our ability to house higher vibrations of light intelligence.

we do that through clearing our four pillars of light:

This way, we anchor 5D consciousness by embodying the 5th element.

Week Five

In week Four, we begin to activate the serpents (Yin & Yang) that are situated at the base of our spine.

We understand their qualities and responsibilities and how to work with them.
Together, we will go through a guided process of initiation and illumination that will be easy to repeat and utilize.

The rising of the serpents is not to be confused with activating pure Kundalini Energy, but goes far beyond that as we will understand the possibilities that arise here.

Week Six

Our last week together is committed to understand the Sex Magic of Isis and Alchemies of Horus for partnership and sacred lovemaking.

We are weaving ancient practices with modern practicalities, so that it will be easy yet sacred to practice with a partner.

We go over the fundamentals and "Magnetic Floor" Initiation as practiced and describes through the Mystery Schools of Isis.

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