Codes of Ascension

As many prophets shared with us:

Humanity is amidst one of the biggest times in history.

We are birthing a new world while being at war.

A war on consciousness has been happening for a long time and we have become complacent through fear programming.

Instead of inspired action manifestations, we have been sitting and waiting.

It is important to understand that where, when, and why we place and share our energy is not only our birthright but a necessity.

Once we give away the power to another: we are giving away our right to sovereign choice at some point.

Where we place our intention and action, where we make our decisions from (body or mind); where we store information; how we cope with challenging situations; why we spend time with certain people and not with others; where we are coming short of self-care; where we are still healing and are needing more time with ourselves…

Everything is valid and welcome!

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