Are you ready to step into your full potential as a Woman, remembering who you are, speaking your truth, turning pain into power, while living unapologetically and joyfully in alignment with your Soul's Calling

All About Modern Medicine Woman

Modern Medicine Women Training was birthed from being deeply passionate about celebrating and supporting Women on their journey back into their intuitive state: unifying body, mind and spirit. Walking this path inspires heart centred action in service to our Mother Earth and all sentient life.

Bridging hands on practical tools, Ancient Vitality Practices and Master Healing Arts allows women to be in sync with their natural cycles, rekindling the original state of innocence and moving in unison with the seasons of Mother Nature to awaken and remember who we as women truly are and why we came.

Tools and practices that are introduced in this course are coming from the Egyptian, Taoist and Tibetan Tantric Arts, Self-Sourcing and Vitality Practices, Voice Activation and Liberation as well as Planetary Service and Lunar Wisdom while honouring and working with the five elements.


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Modern Medicine Woman - The Initiation

In the Initiation you remember your power through voice liberation, embodiment practices, womb wisdom and Planetary Work & Self Healing

In the portals you build on that fundamental wisdom and expand through deepening your knowledge of working with the elements, lunar magic and moon cycles, planetary service

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Saturday 15th of May
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About Nicole

Growing up in a world, where I didn’t feel I fit in and having searched far and wide for guidance, it became clear to me that there had to be another way, which propelled me on a path of self-development and mastery.

As I awakened to the wisdom from within in my late twenties, and started to walk the path as an initiate to the Native American and Celtic Shamanic Wisdom Traditions, working with elders. I knew in my heart that one day I was to share these timeless teachings, while learning about Psychology and the human “condition”, I dove head first into Energy Medicine, becoming a Reiki Master, studied Egyptian Seichem, became an international best selling author.

I learned how powerful it was to combine hands-on and practical tools of the ancient mystery school teachings and translating them in a tangible and practical way to empower women, reminding them of their innate internal creation power and knowledge.

Customized for a Modern Woman living in today’s times, I am eagerly passing on, what has kept me inspired, grounded and empowered for the past 15 years.

Knowing that walking this path inspires heart centred action in service to our Mother Earth and all sentient life. A path that consequently supports the birth of your divine purpose, it truly is a path of magic, wonder and inspiration.


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